2007 Art Contemplates Industry: T.W Sullivan Hydroelectric Plant

The Artists


With Willamette Heritage Foundation coordination and sponsorship from the West Linn Arts Commission, selected artists were allowed to tour the power plant for two days in May, supervised by PGE employees and WFHF staff and volunteers. The event has also been supported by the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition, through a grant to develop a catalog documenting the historic collection.

The resulting collection debuted in September at the West Linn Library Gallery, and hung for three subsequent months at Providence Milwaukie Hospital. In a region that puts a high value on the purity and splendor of the Northwest’s natural environment, the work attracted interest because of its unusual focus.

Organizers of the T.W. Sullivan Art Jam hope it will help create a new consciousness about the value of the industrial heritage of the Pacific Northwest. Its curators, Sandy Carter and Lisa Wilcox, intend the West Linn event and its resulting collection to be just the first in a continuing series of such jams, focused on our visually arresting industrial heritage around the falls and throughout Clackamas County.