2008 Art Contemplates Industry: Hawley Powerhouse

The Artists


The exhibit is part of the Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation's "Industry & Art" initiative, which aims to translate West Linn and Willamette Falls' unique industrial heritage through the vision of fine artists. It publicly showcases the varying perspectives and visual interpretations of seventeen amazing artists who participated in the juried, two-day plein air art opportunity at the historic 1916 hydropower plant. The artists who applied and were selected to be part of the event captured hundreds of images to commemorate the building and its powerful natural setting.

The exhibit's concept is the creation of an artistic memorial to the Hawley Powerhouse. The powerhouse, as part of the dam at Willamette Falls, was torn down by Portland General Electric because of a decommissioning order from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and its demolition began two weeks after the 'art jam' took place there. The building was a visual icon at Willamette Falls for 92 years, present in thousands of snapshots and visible for nearly a river mile downstream.

In addition to one work by each of the artists, the exhibit will feature a curators' context piece illustrating the event itself, at the powerhouse, and an image of the site today, without the structure. Historical information about the site and its national importance will also be displayed.