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The 1912 concrete powerhouse at Bull Run was designed by the J.G. White Engineering Company. Stepping down to the river, it is built into the wall of the Bull Run River canyon. Multi-pane metal sash windows with decorative arched tops line the river and side elevations. A second row of small rectangular windows, also multi-pane metal sash, is located below the simple projecting cornice band. To the west, a matching ‘Transformer Building’ also dates from the original 1912 construction period and is of similar design and materials. A more modest concrete ‘machine shop,’ also apparently constructed during the initial period, is located next to the powerhouse itself.

~ George Kramer, PGE historian

In order to restore historic fish runs to the Sandy River and its upper tributaries, Portland General Electric recently decommissioned Bull Run Powerhouse, removed Marmot Dam, and drained Roslyn Lake, which had served as the man-made “forebay” for hydropower generation at Bull Run.

Today the Bull Run Hydroelectric Project consists of a dispersed group of buildings, sites, and structures ranging in construction date from 1906-1913 through the late 1960s, including the main powerhouse, a transformer building and a machine shop.