2009 Art Contemplates Industry: Bull Run Powerhouse Past Events: 2008 | 2007

The Artists

The Reluctant Departure

22"x22" Silver gelatin print


Shannon Covington For me the experience of photographing the Bull Run hydroelectric powerhouse was amazing. Time flew by and I felt completely absorbed by my surroundings. Though I only spent about five hours there, I could immediately see how special a place it was. Historic. Unique. Beautiful. I can only imagine what those who worked there must have felt upon leaving. The photograph I chose for this show reflects the thoughts and feelings I've had along those lines. What heavy hearted person left this sign here? How long had they worked there, and what kind of experiences had they had there? When I read the words "Abandoned In Place", I can't help but finish the thought with "...but not in spirit.

You can contact Shannon Covington at scovingtonphoto@gmail.com