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The Artists

Abandoned in Place: Bull Run Powerhouse

A five-minute video loop with sound

Lawrence Johnson I approached the problem of creating a video-piece about the Bull Run Powerhouse with a pre-conceived idea and, as it is with most preconceived ideas, it didnít work very well. So, I had to do a lot of thinking about what I really wanted to do in this piece. I took the footage I acquired in what I call the sketchbook phase and reworked it. What I came up with is a visual essay exploring the place, moving gradually from light to darkness and back again. Meanwhile, I used intrusive sound and text to sabotage the essay and hopefully incite the viewer to look at the place in a fresh light and not just get caught up in the prettiness of the images. The text was selected from headlines and ads found in The Oregonian. Also, some of the images are a little like fragments from the newspaper: the huge, unused, rusting pipe sections against the chain link fence, and the pink tape, tagging for decommissioning an immense powerful turbine.

You can contact Lawrence Johnson at ljp@teleport.com