2009 Art Contemplates Industry: Bull Run Powerhouse Past Events: 2008 | 2007

The Artists


33" x 48" Mixed media


Bonnie Meltzer Three interconnected journey ideas played into the design of Voyages. First, I don’t want viewers to forget that the buildings are about electric generation. What we consider so simple an act.–the turning on of a light– is in reality a long, complicated journey to our homes. This determined my use of ordinary electrical artifacts. The second idea was to commemorate the intercity transportation system for which the plant was built. At the beginning of the 20th century thousands of people took the Bull Run trolley for excursions into nature. Lastly, while the plant was in operation the salmon had to make arduous journeys up fish ladders. (Even though fish ladders are more like steps, using ladder icons matches the popular word usage.) Because water is at the center of both the building of the plant and its closure, the word "voyage" with its water connotation was used for the title rather than some other word meaning travel.

You can contact Bonnie Meltzer at www.bonniemeltzer.com