2009 Art Contemplates Industry: Bull Run Powerhouse Past Events: 2008 | 2007

The Artists

Leslie Peterson My painting is inspired by American modernism, which was an art movement inspired by the technological and industrial advances that occurred during the early 20th century. So when I had an opportunity to create art about The Bull Run Powerhouse, which was built during that time, naturally I was intrigued. As we toured the Powerhouse, I spied a ream of blueprints on a desk. My father and brother are engineers, so something about those blueprints really caught my eye! I was able to choose several blueprints from the PGE archives. I have mounted one of the blueprints onto wood panel, and created my painting right on top of it. One thing that makes this particular blueprint so special is that there are corrections drawn onto the blueprint. If you look closely, you can see the words "Battery Room" and "Control Room", along with scribble-marks and penciled in walls and doors.

You can contact Leslie Peterson at www.lesliepetersonpainting.com