2009 Art Contemplates Industry: Bull Run Powerhouse Past Events: 2008 | 2007

The Artists

Three Insulators

24" h x 20" w Mixed media collage

Susan Schenk Three insulators outside the massive concrete powerhouse appeared as small sentinels standing guard against the impending demolition. My attention was pulled to dozens of gigantic turbines locked forever in concrete and mysterious rusting hulks that could house a family, but this trio was more approachable and almost whimsical. They may have searching for extra terrestrial intelligence as they leaned into the sun against the peeling cinderblock building. Or, were they listening posts, sending messages from the outside world through fat, gray, snakelike cables to the cavernous turbine room where the only sound was dripping water seeping in from abandoned pipes, spilling onto the cracked floor. I think of these three as industrial flora held in place by rusting metal handsóreminiscent of three sunflowers valiantly growing out of a crack in a sidewalk against all odds.

You can contact Susan Schenk at schenk.susan3@gmail.com