2009 Art Contemplates Industry: Bull Run Powerhouse Past Events: 2008 | 2007

The Artists

Second Story View

8 x 10 (image size) Platinum/palladium print

$300 16 x 20 (framed)

Stephen Takacs The Bull Run Powerhouse is a fascinating subject both visually and historically; of particular interest to me is the machine shop. In a time when few automobiles and no highways existed, the powerhouse –which fed Portland’s electrical grid– was located far from civilization making ordering new parts difficult or impossible. Thus, the Bull Run Powerhouse was designed to be a self-supporting system with a well-equipped machine shop; complete with a lathe and blacksmithing forge. If any mechanical parts failed, the craftsmen employed by the powerhouse could either fix or fabricate new ones. The ropes, found in the upper level of the Bull Run Machine Shop, are just one of the many interesting subjects in this historically rich location. This image was shot using Bergger 200 film with 4” x 5” field camera.

You can contact Stephen Takacs at 503-730-7585